Every wanderer begins their journey equipped with a Sword and Shield.

This is the bread-and-butter weapon of the game, effective against many enemy types so long as you master its move-set.

Performing a smash attack with the sword in hand allows the wanderer to cut tripwires for a chance to obtain string.

While the shield is raised and pointed towards an enemy, the player will take no damage from incoming attacks, though three sustained attacks in quick succession will force the shield up, leaving the wanderer exposed for a moment and unable to move.

If the Off-Hand button is pressed as an enemy attacks with correct timing, the enemy can be parried and knocked off balance for a moment. Use this time to strike and finish them.

The following table describes the possible actions you may perform while this item is being used:
Key Combination Resulting Action Description
Main Hand Button Press (MHB) Slash Standard Attack
MHB + MHB Double Slash Combination
Run + MHB Smash Attack Deals Extra Damage
Off Hand Button Press (OHB) Shield Bash / Parry Breaks an opponent's guard when correctly timed
Hold OHB Raise Shield Negates all damage while active. 3 blocked consecutive attacks will break your guard and leave you exposed.
Hold OHB + MHB Stab Attack Short range, but doesn't fling gems too far
Hold OHB + MHB + MHB Counter Attack Combination Stab, followed by a slash. Useful for when a stab doesn't reach.