The Spear is the first alternative weapon the wanderer can find. It is the only known way to catch fish. In combat, it deals much more damage than the sword and shield while also giving the player extended attack range and a different move-set.

Location Edit

The spear can first be located before entering the first floor. Enter the waterfall in the top right of the large room after descending your first set of stairs. It is obtained after interacting with a glowing blue rock.

Below are a list of available attacks with the Spear:
Key Combination Attack Type Description
Main Hand Button Press (MHB) Poke Standard Attack
Hold + Release MHB Lunging Attack Moves your character forward and deals extra damage

Fishing Edit

The spear is not only a weapon; it is a tool. To fish with it, hold MHB while standing over a body of water. The wanderer will position the spear ready to strike the water's surface. Release MHB in the direction of a fish to kill it. Fillet will be dropped on the floor in front of you. Use it to make Broth, Soup, or Stew.

If you are having difficulty in getting the fish to come closer, try to herd them into a corner. They will instinctively swim away from you, but without a place to go, they can become stuck in corners, making it much easier to catch them.