Food is necessary to the continued survival of your wanderer. If the hunger gauge drops to zero, you will begin taking damage until you perish. Avoid this by keeping your wanderer well fed and prepared!

Meal Recipes Edit

Recipe Output Description
(Vegetable) + (Vegetable) + (Meat) Broth + Restores a small amount of hunger and greater amount of thirst.
(Vegetable) + (Meat) + (Meat) Soup ++ Restores 50% hunger, and an equal amount of thirst.
(Meat) + (Meat) + (Meat) Stew +++ Restores 90% hunger, temperature, and a small amount of thirst.

Food Sources Edit

Vegetables include the following, and can be found on the surface of the island and on floors 1 to 3 (Needs verification)

  • Spud
  • Turnip

Meat includes the following, and can be carved from creatures:

  • Chop (Larger Animals, Like Foxes and Wolves)
  • Fillet (Fish)
  • Innards (Carved From Animals, but Poisonous if Eaten Raw)
  • Morsel (Small Critters, Like Bats and Snakes)

Article Sources Edit

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