Elixirs are the potions of BELOW. They provide The Wanderer with various buffs that aid in survival, combat, and exploration. Every elixir requires at least one mushroom to create, and must be crafted at an active campfire.

colored mushrooms will produce different effects. Some mushrooms can be combined for entirely new effects, but the majority of elixirs are created through the use of a single mushroom combined with two food items.

Recipes Edit

The following list contains all known recipes for the creation of elixirs, as well as their effects on The Wanderer:

Recipe Elixir Produced Effects
Blue Mushroom + (Raw Food) + (Raw Food) Blue Elixir Refills Hunger, Thirst, and Temperature, and temporarily freezes their values for prolonged survival. Useful in resource-scarce and cold zones.
Green Mushroom + (Raw Food) + (Raw Food) Green Elixir Refills Hunger and Health, and temporarily doubles the dropped quantity of gems obtained from attacking hostiles.
Blue Mushroom + Blue Mushroom + Red Mushroom Purple Elixir Reveals the entire map for the floor you are on until your next death.
Red Mushroom + (Raw Food) + (Raw Food) Red Elixir Refills Hunger and provides a temporary damage boost.
White Mushroom + (Raw Food) + (Raw Food) White Elixir Temporarily allows The Wanderer to see in total darkness.
Yellow Mushroom + (Raw Food) + (Raw Food) Yellow Elixir Temporarily provides incoming damage reduction.
Black Mushroom + (Raw Food) + (Raw Food). Needs verification Black Elixir Needs Verification

Information obtained via the BELOW Community Item and Crafting List