There are a wide range of items that can be crafted within BELOW, ranging in use from objects to light the way, down to items for healing and continued exploration.

Advanced Components Edit

Smaller materials can be made into more advanced versions by stacking them together. Materials that have been combined cannot be dismantled, so only create these items if you plan on using them later for expensive recipes.

Recipe Component Produced
Ember + Ember + Ember Phosphor
Stick + Stick + Stick Bundle
Shard + Shard + Shard Spike
String + String + String Weave

Arrows Edit

The following list contains recipes for the crafting of various arrow types, as well as how they work. Avoid using a single stick, as only a single arrow will be produced; using a bundle will always provide 4 arrows.

Crafting Recipe Arrow Type Description
Stick/Bundle + Shard + Leather Arrow Standard Damage. Quick Pull Time.
Stick/Bundle + Phosphor + String Bomb Arrow High Damage. Can be used to clear obstructed pathways.
Stick/Bundle + Ember + Leather Fire Arrow Kills the tentacles of darkness on lower floors. Can be used to light up a path ahead for scouting.
Stick/Bundle + Spike + Shard Spike Arrow Double the damage of Standard Arrows, harder to make.

Bandages Edit

There are three tiers of bandages that can be created, each requiring blood moss, sludge, and some type of fabric to create. Their recipes and effects are listed below:

Recipe Bandage Created Effect
Blood Moss + Sludge + String Bandage Stops bleeding and restores health to the peak of the damaged section. Does not restore Health on its own.
Blood Moss + Sludge + Leather Bandage + Stops bleeding and restores 50% of the Wanderer's overall Health.
Blood Moss + Sludge + Weave Salve Strap Stops bleeding and restores 100% of the Wanderer's overall Health.

Torches Edit

Proper lighting is crucial to long-term survival in BELOW. Thankfully, torches are easily created thanks to plentiful access to sticks, embers, and string. For upgraded variations, see the chart below:

Recipe Torch Produced Description
Stick + Ember + String Torch Standard Torch. Can set certain objects ablaze (i.e. vines, fire pits).
Stick + Ember + Weave Torch + Longer-Lasting Torch
Bundle + Crystal + Weave Crystal Rod The next-best thing to the lantern. Lasts very long, hard to make.

Traps / Explosives Edit

The Wanderer may set traps to control larger groups of enemies in more difficult rooms. They are listed below:

Recipe Trap Produced Effect
Spike + Shard + Blood Moss Caltrops Deals damage to enemies that walk over them. (WARNING: Do not place them at the campfire in your pocket, or you will be stuck there)
Spike + Skull + Phosphor Mine Explodes when enemies walk over it. High damage.
String + Skull + Phosphor Bomb Ka-Boom! Opens up weak walls and deals high damage to enemies.