The Bow is a starter weapon all wanderers keep close to shoot afar.

Varying arrow types exist to bring out enhanced utility over long range. Basic arrows deal the same damage as the Sword and Shield, while spike arrows deal much more. Fire arrows can light the path ahead for scouting, and bomb arrows can clear open pathways that would otherwise be blocked, just as a skeleton bomb would do.

To use the bow, hold the off-hand button, then press or hold/release the main-hand button while aiming at the desired target using the right analog stick or your mouse. Certain arrows may require a longer charging-time to be able to shoot them farther than if you were to just tap the main hand button.

You can select arrow types by hovering over the arrow of choice in your inventory, then pressing either UP on the D-PAD, or "3" on your keyboard.

When crafting arrows, using a stick will create 1 arrow, while a bundle will provide you with 4.

Arrow Types
The following list contains recipes for the crafting of various arrow types, as well as how they work:
Crafting Recipe Arrow Type Description
Stick/Bundle + Shard + Leather Arrow Standard Damage. Quick Pull Time.
Stick/Bundle + Phosphor + String Bomb Arrow High Damage. Can be used to clear obstructed pathways.
Stick/Bundle + Ember + Leather Fire Arrow Kills the tentacles of darkness on lower floors. Can be used to light up a path ahead for scouting.
Stick/Bundle + Spike + Shard Spike Arrow Greater Damage than Standard Arrows, harder to make.