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Armor can be found in chests scattered throughout below, as well as from blue rock formations.

Helmets cannot be damaged when The Wanderer is hit, though body armor will deplete in durability until it breaks. Broken armor is removed from the inventory, and re-acquisition requires searching for the desired armor in locations containing any weapon or armor that have been previously looted from blue rock formations. Certain armor sets will remain in the same places if they were purchased from a merchant or obtained from a wooden chest.

Body Armor Edit

Different sets of armor have varying amounts of durability. All body armor will negate 100% of the damage that would have otherwise been received without it, up until the respective breaking point.

Leather Armor
This is the worst armor in the game, but can be found relatively early. It has only one durability, so if you get hit once, it will disappear immediately.

Location of Leather Armor Edit

Leather Armor can be found at the North Shore. Swim up and slightly to the right once you reach the shoreline, and look for a wrecked boat you can walk onto. There is a chest and blue rock formation on it; the rock should contain the armor set.

Bone Armor
This armor is easy to get your hands on from run-to-run, as it respawns in the same chest consistently. With 2 durability, it will provide you with some free, effective protection for a short while.

Location of Bone Armor Edit

Bone armor can be found after opening the city drawbridge at the end of Floor 6 using the City Key.

In the large, open transitional area that follows, head to the bottom of the stairway leading to the center of the room. A chest resides at the bottom, in the circular clearing. Open it to grab the armor.

Dark Armor
Dark Armor is the first set of sturdy body armor The Wanderer can get their hands on, sporting 5 durability total. It is one of the few pieces of armor that can be purchased for Gems.

Location of Dark Armor Edit

Dark Armor is located in the same area you find the Bone Armor, inside of a merchant's shop. It costs 80 gems to purchase.